Hemroids is a chronic disease, which is certainly formed due to some of the causes that are by far interconnected to our daily routine and unhealthy lifestyle that we directly or indirectly indulge in. The share of what we eat, how much we exercise to remain fit or in which proportion we nourish ourselves directly influences our health. Our habits make our body directly vulnerable to the ailments and one such disease is Hemroids.

The most common factors which lead to the causes of Hemroids are as mentioned:

Hemroids is basically caused due to uneven and unhealthy lifestyle. Few furnishing factors are: These include:

  • Deficiency of physical activities through out the day.
  • Long working hours including stretched standing or sitting sessions.
  • Work that involves heavy lifting and prolonged exercising routine.

Unhealthy Eating Habits
Piles can also be caused due to some unhygienic eating factors as stated below:

  • Intake of improper diet with excess of gorging on fast food.
  • Deficiency of fruits and vegetables in the diet.
  • Non-adherence to proper meal times.
  • Lack of proper meal timings.
  • Shortage of fiber rich food during meals.

Hemroids is surely caused by varied factors and its growth is widely depended upon different causes involving constipation and obesity, which are precisely explained below:

Constant Suffering from Critical Constipation Constipation is a common cause of piles and is among the most chronic diseases. Those who lead an unhealthy lifestyle and eat poor diet are common sufferers of the disease. Deficiency of water and other fluids in the diet is the key reason behind the cause of hemorrhoids.

Hemroids in over weighted people is largely common as obesity puts them at higher level of risk. Extra mass on abdominal area of obsessed people compresses the veins inside or outside the anal canal thus exaggerates the disease.