Depending on the degree of seriousness of the disease, hemroids can generally be treated using one or more of the following methods:

Using Venapro- the most effective drug against hemroids
The most widely used and recommended form of self-medication against hemorrhoids is the Venapro drug.

Venapro is a new type of drug that has been tried and tested for the treatment of hemroids, and found to be very effective. It is manufactured from purely natural components and this makes it acceptable to the majority of patients, including those who normally get allergies from some drugs.

Venapro iis easy to take and hardly has any side effects. Even in cases where there seems to be only one more treatment option left – surgery – Venapro has been known to work wonders and quickly bring the disease under control.

It is recommended that you start taking Venapro immediately you detect the first signs of hemroids. This will ensure that hemorrhoid is dealt one blow once and for all.

Other types of self-medication are:

  • Using various creams available on the market. These are applied around the anus opening and also inside using the tip of one’s index finger.
  • Inserting rectal suppositories into the anus after thorough washing and preferably after defecating. The suppository melts inside the anus and gives a coating to the anal walls that eases stool passing through. This also reduces friction the walls of the anus as the sometimes-hard stool moves down.
  • Applying ice-cold packs to the affected area. This gives temporary relief from pain, but may not serve as a permanent solution.
  • Painkillers. In extreme cases one might have to resort to these drugs especially if the pain proves to be unbearable. This can happen, for instance, after “a gruelling session” of passing particularly hard, dry stool.

Get Venapro today and your hemorrhoid problems will be a thing of the past!