Physical exercise
Physical exercise keeps all parts of our bodies fit. This goes also for the digestive system. When we put in a few minutes or hours of physical exercise daily we actually aid the digestive process and that in turn ensures that we get our bowel movements at regular intervals, thus reducing the risk of getting constipated, and consequently that of developing hemroids.

If we kind of “sit on the food we have eaten” we create a “jam” or worse still a “roadblock” in the digestive process and the end result will be irregular bowel movement and constipation. This will most likely bring us face to face with hemorrhoids. Surely nobody would love such a thing to happen. Therefore, you can minimise chances of getting hemroids by having regular physical workouts.

On the other hand, extreme sports like weight lifting and other tasks that involve carrying heavy loads may also contribute to the development of hemorrhoids due to the excessive pressure exerted on the veins and muscles in the lower abdomen and within the anal passage.

Therefore, much as sports and physical exercises are good for the body in general, they should not be taken to extremes, because the results can be devastating, especially when hemroids take root.

Prolonged sitting sessions
People who spend long hours sitting in one place are also particularly at risk of developing hemorrhoid. This is because of the pressure and heat build up during that process and affecting the lower anal area. The veins in the region can then swell and that will trigger off a process that could eventually lead to hemroids.

Anything that puts pressure on the lower abdomen and the surrounding areas could cause the veins in the anal system to become strained and swollen. This is true for overweight people and pregnant mothers alike. Therefore pregnant women form a particularly vulnerable group to hemroids because of the nature of their condition.

In addition to the excess weight and pressure the baby in the womb exerts on the lower abdomen, many pregnant women are also very reluctant to do workouts or simple physical exercises like jogging, stretching, etc. This only worsens their condition and makes them easy prey for hemroids.

As if that was not enough, the actual process of giving birth is perhaps the final blow that will trigger off the hemroids attack because of the extreme pressure and stretching accompanying it.

Therefore, pregnant women should always be well equipped to handle such an attack and the best way to do it is to stock some Venapro medicine so that any hemorrhoids outbreak can be nipped in the bud.