Internal hemorrhoids is among the gravest forms of piles other than external hemorrhoids and the torture of such condition is awfully painful for its sufferers. Since internal hemorrhoids affect rectal region of human body internally, urgent attempt to treat them before reaching any dire consequences is necessary. Since it is the critical product out of extreme abdominal pressure it eventually leads in formation of tiny lumps inside rectal canal.

Irrespective of its less visibility and symptoms, treatment is crucial to initiate and since its growth is largely inside rectum canal, it requires supervision of an expert physician in that case. Internal hemorrhoids develop due to any internal pressure, which results in hard passing stools due to the presence of lumps that worsens the case. If one experiences bleeding in stool, it can be the initial stage of internal hemorrhoids, although bleeding is not always the symptom of this condition, getting it diagnosed is better for oneself.

In later dire cases these tiny lumps grows up and protrudes out of rectal canal to aggravate the situation further as they may become large, lumpy and may get disposition to hang out of opening. Since growth is internal, treatments are precised and equipments are according to treatments.

If one suffers from such condition it is advisable to follow strict dietary plan by increasing intake of fiber rich food, fluid intake and seeking expert advice to weaken the roots of causes and symptoms. Few common symptoms of internal Hemorrhoids are:

  • Painful and irritating sensation around anal opening.
  • Hard passing and bloody stools with painful feeling around abdominal area.
  • Experiencing constipation and uneasiness while completing day to day tasks.