“As we make our beds, so must we sleep.” Likewise, we should be ready to bear the consequences arising from the way we carry ourselves around and what we eat. Hemroids is a direct consequence of those two put together.

The haste that comes with modern living tends to disrupt the way we are supposed to nourish our bodies. Busy office workers and business people hardly get time to sit down and have a decent meal anymore. They have resorted to fast foods or one meal a day. This kind of lifestyle is largely to blame for the increasing cases of constipation and hemroids the world over.

Lack of proper meals in work places, and the irregular eating hours create a distortion in the time we have our bowel movements and this is responsible for the hardening of stool and subsequent straining associated with its excretion.

A good lifestyle should be one where proper meals are taken at stipulated times and in the right amounts and constitution. It means strict adherence to a well-balanced diet at all times. The diet should include enough fibrous foods because these are crucial for a vibrant digestive system and the creation of sufficient stool to ensure regular bowel movement sessions.

Some of the major sources of fibre are whole grains, wheat, fresh vegetables and fruits. In order to get enough fibre from fruits it is advisable to eat them together with their skin. Some of the fibrous vegetables are carrots, green peas, broccoli and mushrooms. We should endeavour to have as many of these foods as possible in our daily menu.

Fibre also helps to clean the colon because nothing is retained in the process of bowel movement as opposed to cases where there is insufficient stool in the system, thereby making it difficult to excrete all the scanty bits from the system.

The intake of enough water and other juices forms an integral part of a balanced diet and the importance of these in our bodies cannot be over-emphasised. On the other hand, drinks that dehydrate the body should be avoided. Leading a life of an alcoholic is therefore one of the surest ways to invite hemroids because the dehydration due to alcohol could easily cause constipation.

We should also ensure that we get enough physical exercise on a regular basis in order to keep our bodies fit and all systems functioning properly. Only in this way can we avert the inconvenience, stress and pain that come with hemroids.