Hemorrhoid is a critical and the most unhygienic disease as its presence in rectal passage in the form of tiny lumps itself gives a feeling of disgust and hatred to its sufferer. In spite of the occurrence and physical locality of the hemorrhoids, its diagnosis can be ambiguous as it may resemble to some other diseases.

The result of any chronic irritation caused due to some external factors or medication such as the use of any avoidable cream, contaminated toilet tissue or any unhygienic toilet habit can outline misconception of hemorrhoid. Acknowledging the actual symptoms of hemorrhoid is vital to commence hemorrhoid treatment.

To make it simple to diagnose the hemorrhoid some precised hemorrhoid symptoms are mentioned below:

  • Swelling of Varicose Veins and Walls: Under the extreme pressure of the growth of hemorrhoid lumps, its sufferer goes through highly agitated swelling in varicose veins in anal opening. As swelling gets on with high suffering as it increases pressure and causes friction between the stool.The swelling may even cause inner walls of anus to swell, thus increases the suffering of the patient during bowel movement as it rubs against swelled walls.
  • Growth of Tiny Lumps Internally or Externally: As hemroids are differentiated as internal or external hemorrhoid, the main symptom of the disease is actually the formation of these tiny yet painful lumps in the area. As external lumps occur outside the opening of rectal canal, the existence of internal lumps are formed inside inner walls of rectum canal.The sufferer can feel strong sensation of pain, burning and itching in the area during bowel movement and in severe cases may bleed and become lumpy.The best thing to do at this stage is to start treatment with Venapro, a very effective drug against hemorrhoids. It is available over-the-counter in most drug shops and also online.
  • Protruding Anal Tissue: In most critical cases the anal tissue gets extremely swelled and ultimately protrudes out of anal passage during bowel movement. As body tissue fall out of their place proper treatment is required to tighten loose tissue.

When that happens most affected people will be heard saying “their anus keeps popping in and out” when they are in the toilet. If no treatment has been occasioned yet, this is a sign that things might just get out of hand if nothing is done. Like all other stages of hemorrhoids, prolapsed hemorrhoids can also be permanently treated with Venapro. Take time and try it out. You will never regret.