Much as hemroids can attack anybody, there are certain groups of people who by their very nature or the type of work they do are more prone to hemorrhoids than others. They include the following categories:

Long distance drivers
It attack the inner anus walls and the area around the anus opening, due to swelling of veins within the anal system. This swelling is mainly due to the accumulation of pressure and heat in the anus and this can be caused by prolonged sitting such as that experienced by long-distance drivers. To make it worse, the bumpy roads add to the already mounting pressure and heat on one’s bottom.

Since these drivers experience such conditions almost daily, they are more likely to develop hemorrhoids, compared to other people.

Office Workers
Office work that involves sitting for long hours on end can ultimately expose one to hemorrhoid attack, particularly if there are also other lifestyle habits that favour their development, such as lack of physical exercise and poor diet. People who work with computers are the main culprits in this category, because their work normally requires a lot of concentration and less disruption.

Just like in the case of long-distance drivers, long hours of sitting lead to the build up of pressure and heat in the nether regions of the body. When the veins in the anus get strained from such pressure and heat they start swelling and a process is set in motion that can culminate in hemorrhoids disease.

Pregnant Women
By their very nature, pregnant women are exposed to a combination of factors that favour hemroid development

First of all, the baby in the womb puts extra pressure on the lower abdomen veins and muscles, and we know that excessive pressure in that part of the body can cause the veins in the anal system to become strained and swollen.

Secondly, many pregnant mothers shy away from physical exercise and workouts. They hardly go for jogging or do simple stretching exercises, because of the fear that something might happen or they might fall down and hurt themselves seriously.

Thirdly, most women tend to put on weight during pregnancy. This only adds to the already heavy baggage they are carrying and predisposes them further to hemroid attack.

Last but not least, the process of giving birth it self is very excruciating and extreme pressure is applied to the already weakened or soar veins in the lower regions. This often causes rupturing of the anus and birth canal.

All these conditions put together serve to increase the risk pregnant mothers face in the face of hemroids.

Obese people
Overweight people are also at a higher risk of developing hemorrhoid due to the excessive pressure their weight exerts on the rectal and anal veins. That makes the process of passing stool particularly strenuous, thus leading to scarring and swelling within the anal system. These conditions are the perfect breeding grounds for hemroids.

Weight lifters and hard labourers
The type of work these two groups of people do is potentially detrimental to their health and exposes them to hemorrhoids attack. The heavy loads they carry put excess pressure on the veins and muscles in the lower abdomen and within the anal passage. The damage done to those veins can eventually progress to a full-blown hemroids attack.
Therefore, you should always be very cautious and do extreme sports and hard labour with moderation.