External hemorrhoids is an abruptly painful and exceptionally awful condition, which is critically criticized by suffers. This painful condition initiates with the formation of tiny lumps on surface of rectal canal opening. Since external hemorrhoids is among one of the condition of piles, it causes discomfort, uneasiness and irritation around problem area for sufferer. Since lumps are initially tiny and less painful they may eventually grow up to form highly problematic and critically chronic hemorrhoids that may possibly bleed too.

As blood gets coagulated in veins of rectal canal, possibilities of lumps getting soiled to bleeding is common. Since growth is external, a chance of infection or wound is possible for sufferer. Keep in mind internal hemorrhoids that extrudes out of canal opening should not be mistaken as external hemorrhoids, as their treatments are completely opposite.

Any kind of excess growth of lump or swelling on rectum area is indicator to external hemorrhoids. Proper guideline and treatments are required to combat it from root cause and since treatments require healing from root causes few recommended ones are as mentioned below:

  • Drugs and Surgery: Numerous allopathic medicines and surgeries can be supported in order to treat this chronic condition. Varied herbal treatments, homeopathy medicines and surgeries are available, which are used to treat it from root cause. In chronic cases opting for surgeries while consulting a physician is necessary to combat its ill effects.
  • Fiber Rich Diet: In order to get rid of external hemorrhoids its necessary to commence having diet rich with fiber, fruits, vegetable, whole grain stuff to combat condition properly. Having fibrous diet help in getting relief from any extended strain or body pressure and helps in smothering bowel moments.
  • Effective Creams: Apply effective creams prescribed by physician on outer opening of anal canal to get some relief from pain and agony caused by hemorrhoids. Creams should be effective to use.
  • Ice Pack and Sit bath therapy: Other effective and convenient treatment option is by applying cold ice pack on affected area. Other possible treatment option is sit bath, which ensures providing warmth of water to problem area thus helping in getting quick relives.
  • Cushion therapy: If one require to work and sit for prolonged hours it is advisable to lose under garments to get some relief and comfort and eases down pressure on external hemorrhoids.